Agility Writer AI vs SEOWriting AI: Who Wins in 2024?




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Discover the ultimate AI writing tool showdown between Agility Writer AI vs SEOWriting AI. Dive into an in-depth comparison to find out which reigns supreme for your content needs. From pricing to features, this video is your guide to choosing the best AI writing assistant.

Key Takeaways

FeatureAgility Writer AISEOWriting AI
PricingMore expensiveMore affordable
Use CaseIdeal for pillar postsGreat for beginners and niche testing
SEO OptimizationStrong capabilitiesDecent performance
CustomizationExtensive optionsLimited compared to Agility Writer
Content DepthRich and detailedAdequate for basic needs
User-FriendlinessRequires familiarityEasier for beginners

Main Features of Agility Writer and SEOWriting


Agility Writer AI is positioned at a higher price point, reflecting its advanced features and capabilities. Each article costs over $1, which might be a consideration for those on a tight budget. However, this cost is justified by the range of sophisticated tools and options it offers, making it a valuable investment for professional content creators who require depth and versatility in their writing. The pricing model of Agility Writer AI aligns with its target audience – experienced writers and businesses seeking high-quality, SEO-optimized content.

In contrast, SEOWriting AI offers a more affordable solution, with articles priced around 24 cents. This pricing strategy makes it an attractive option for beginners, small business owners, or bloggers who are just starting out and need a cost-effective way to produce content. The lower cost does mean some trade-offs in terms of advanced features, but for users who need basic content without the frills, SEOWriting AI provides an excellent balance between affordability and functionality.

LLM Writing Models

Agility Writer AI boasts a diverse range of writing models, including a mix of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, catering to various writing needs. The inclusion of the full GPT-4 model is particularly noteworthy, offering users the latest in AI writing technology. This range allows for more nuanced and sophisticated content creation, suitable for complex topics or nuanced writing styles. The flexibility in choosing between different models adds a layer of customization that can be crucial for specific content requirements.

SEOWriting AI, on the other hand, includes hybrid and GPT-4 models, along with a GPT-4 12 8K Turbo mode for faster output. While this selection is impressive, it leans more towards standard content creation needs. The turbo mode is a standout feature, offering speed which can be crucial for time-sensitive projects. However, the lack of more advanced models like full GPT-4 might limit its use for highly specialized or intricate writing tasks.

SEO Optimization

Agility Writer AI excels in SEO optimization with its unique entity enrichment feature and an all-in-one optimize mode. The entity enrichment adds relevant terms from top search results, enhancing the SEO quality of the content. This feature, combined with the optimize mode, negates the need for external SEO tools, providing a comprehensive solution for users looking to boost their content’s search engine ranking.

SEOWriting AI provides basic SEO features, primarily focusing on keyword insertion. While this is sufficient for general SEO purposes, it lacks the depth and sophistication offered by Agility Writer AI. The absence of advanced SEO tools like entity enrichment means that users might need additional software for more in-depth SEO analysis and optimization, potentially increasing the overall cost and complexity of their content creation process.


Agility Writer AI offers extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor their content precisely to their needs. The ability to provide detailed instructions and preferences, coupled with support for up to 50 internal links, makes it a versatile tool for creating highly customized content. This level of customization is particularly beneficial for content that requires a specific tone, style, or format, making Agility Writer AI a preferred choice for professional content creators.

SEOWriting AI has more limited customization capabilities, focusing mainly on basic keyword inclusion. While this simplicity can be advantageous for users who need straightforward content, it may not suffice for projects requiring a higher degree of personalization. The lack of advanced customization options could be a drawback for users seeking to create content that stands out or has specific requirements.

Pros and Cons

Agility Writer AI


  • Advanced AI models for sophisticated content.
  • Comprehensive SEO optimization tools.
  • Extensive customization options.


  • Higher pricing, less accessible for beginners.
  • Steeper learning curve due to complex features.

SEOWriting AI


  • Affordable and budget-friendly.
  • User-friendly interface, ideal for beginners.
  • Efficient content generation with GPT-4 Turbo mode.


  • Limited in advanced features and customization.
  • Basic SEO tools, may require additional software for in-depth optimization.

Comparative Analysis: SEOWriting AI vs. Agility Writer AI

CriteriaSEOWriting AIAgility Writer AI
Content GenerationFaster content generationFocuses on depth and quality
SEO ScoreGood SEO performanceAdvanced SEO capabilities
ReadabilityGrade 12 readability levelNot specified, but likely high due to advanced features
Plagiarism5% plagiarism rateNot specified, but emphasis on originality expected
Multimedia IntegrationSupports images and YouTube embedsSupports images and YouTube embeds
User InterfaceUser-friendly and efficientMore complex, suited for advanced users
Final Output QualityEfficient, suitable for quick needsDetailed, high-quality content
Overall SuitabilityIdeal for quick turnarounds and basic content needsBest for in-depth, SEO-rich content creation

Reflecting on my hands-on experience with SEOWriting AI and Agility Writer AI, I embarked on a detailed journey to compare these tools, focusing on various critical aspects of content creation. Here’s my first-person account, highlighting key observations:

Content Generation Process

The image displays a comparison table measuring different metrics such as readability, word count, and SEO for 'Agility Writer' and 'SEO Writing AI'.

I tasked both SEOWriting AI and Agility Writer AI with creating content on the same topic, using identical outlines and keywords. This approach was crucial for a fair and objective comparison, aiming to understand how each tool interprets and executes the same instructions.

Speed and Efficiency

SEOWriting AI impressed me with its rapid content generation, a significant advantage for projects needing quick turnarounds. In contrast, Agility Writer AI focused more on quality and depth, naturally taking a bit more time to generate content.

SEO and Readability

Both tools were tested for their on-page SEO capabilities. SEOWriting AI produced content with a good SEO score but at a grade 12 readability level, potentially complex for some audiences. I found using Hemingway Pro helpful in simplifying the language. Agility Writer AI, while not explicitly tested for readability, likely offers high readability due to its advanced features.

Plagiarism and Originality

Plagiarism is a key factor in content creation. SEOWriting AI showed a 5% plagiarism rate, which is acceptable but not ideal. I prefer plagiarism levels to be below 2% to ensure content originality, crucial for SEO and maintaining credibility.

Multimedia Integration

I evaluated the integration of multimedia elements like images and YouTube embeds. This feature is essential for creating engaging and visually appealing content. Both SEOWriting AI and Agility Writer AI efficiently incorporated these elements, enhancing the articles’ appeal.

User Experience and Interface

The user interfaces of both tools were quite distinct. SEOWriting AI offered a user-friendly and efficient interface, easy to navigate and input instructions. Agility Writer AI, with more complex features, required more time to get used to but offered advanced customization options.

Final Output and Quality

Finally, I examined the final output of each tool, considering word count, SEO score, and overall content quality. SEOWriting AI was efficient for quick content needs, while Agility Writer AI excelled in creating detailed, high-quality content. The effectiveness of each tool in real-world applications was evident, with each catering to different content creation aspects.

In conclusion, my hands-on experience with SEOWriting AI and Agility Writer AI revealed that each tool has its unique strengths and is suited for different content creation needs. SEOWriting AI is ideal for quick, efficient content generation, while Agility Writer AI is the go-to for in-depth, quality content with a focus on SEO.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

  • Agility Writer AI excels in feature-rich content creation, making it ideal for comprehensive pillar posts.
  • SEOWriting AI offers affordability and ease of use, suitable for beginners and niche experimentation.
  • Both tools have their strengths in SEO optimization, with Agility Writer taking a slight edge.
  • Customization and content depth are more pronounced in Agility Writer AI.
  • SEOWriting AI is a cost-effective solution for basic content needs.

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