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In the digital world of content creation, writers such as bloggers are always on the hunt for tools to streamline their process and enhance their ability to produce quality content. But it can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to producing high-quality content that needs minimal fact-checking. Sounds familiar? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right place!

Now imagine if you had a writing tool, something similar to a sophisticated content creation tool that not only helps you generate quality AI content but also ensures it is SEO-optimized and Fact-Checked! Picture a tool that caters to the specific needs of adult writers and bloggers while providing an easy-to-use interface. Have you got the image in your head? Now replace that image with Agility Writer. Yes, that’s all possible with this powerful tool.

In this detailed Agility writer review, I will share with you the ins and outs of how this tool, a favorite among market-leading content creators, works – answering all your questions along the way. I’ll detail its various features and capabilities, and whether or not it is the best AI tool for you. Are you curious to see if Agility Writer is the wonder tool your writing process needs? If so, let’s dive in without further ado!

Agility Writer Key Takeaways 🎯

  • Agility Writer is the top ai writer for generating high-quality, SEO-optimized content using AI technology.
  • Outline Builder and GPT-4 integration ensure well-structured long form articles with real-time factual data.
  • Advanced Mode offers customization, while Bulk Generation simplifies large-scale content production.
  • Internal Linking Feature and WordPress Integration enhance efficiency and user experience.
  • Outperforms competitors like, Surge Graph, and Surfer SEO in terms of SEO score and content quality.
  • High-Quality Articles are achievable with the Outline Builder and Advanced Mode
  • Create engaging Product Roundup features tailored to your niche.
  • Benefit from the Advanced AI Detection Feature for improved originality and credibility in your content.

Table of contents

My Hands-On Experience With Agility Writer

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Hi, my name is Vlad and I’m a leading Youtuber in the AI tools space. Ever since AI and ChatGPT became a thing – a topic that’s even caught Google’s attention – I have been testing a variety of AI tools. You can watch my in-depth reviews and tests of various AI tools on my YouTube channel – WordsAtScale.

I used Agility Writer since the very beginning creating more than 400+ articles across dozens of niches. This tool has aided dozens of writers and bloggers, including myself, in delivering quality content to readers globally.

a barcode with a blue circle and a white line

On average, articles contained 2000 words and took 30-40 mins end-to-end. The readability scores averaged 75-85 on Grammarly’s advanced checker. I also checked the SEO optimization using Surfer SEO and scores averaged 65-70 out of 100.

What to see real no-fluf results?

Ranking With Agility Writer Case Study

This is what my site stats look like right now, thanks to the capabilities of this fantastic content generation tool:

a barcode with a blue circle and a white line

My Verdict

I’ve tested a LOT of A.I. Writing Tools, but Agility Writer has been my first choice for over a year now! It saves me time and effort by generating high-quality, original articles with built-in SEO optimization for better search rankings. I love using the Outline Builder and GPT-4 integration for well-structured content, packed with real-time factual data. The Advanced Mode lets me customize my writing experience, while the bulk generation feature makes large-scale content production a breeze. Did I mention the internal linking feature and a WP integration? Agility Writer is by far the best of the bunch!

Comparing Agility Writer With Top Alternatives

In this Agility Writer Review I evaluated this ai content writer against 3 leading alternative AI writing tools: is known for producing large volumes of content quickly. It has a bulk generation feature to crank out hundreds of blog posts.

Surfer SEO: Surfer SEO is designed specifically for SEO content. It focuses on creating articles and landing pages optimized for search engines rankings.

SurgeGraph: SurgeGraph generates content based on graphs and data analysis for unique insights. It is best for data-driven articles.

I tested all 4 tools on the keyword “Best SUVs for large Families 2023.” Here is how Agility Writer compared on key metrics:

ToolTime TakenWord CountSEO ScoreReadability
Agility Writer40 min2,3006928
Surfer AI35 min1,8005226
Autoblogging.ai5 min3,7006729
SurgeGraph60 min2,5006030
Agility Writer vs. Surfer AI vs. Autoblogging ai vs SurgeFraph

Summary: In this Agility Writer review the tool produced the highest SEO score while maintaining good readability. Surfer AI was faster but had lower quality content. was the fastest but lacked depth. SurgeGraph had slightly higher readability but took the most time and had lower SEO optimization.

Agility Writer Features

One-Click ModeQuickly generate articles based on a single title input.
Bulk ModeGenerate up to 50 articles in one click, based on article titles or keywords.
Outline BuilderCreate the perfect article outline by choosing headings from top-ranking competitors.
In-Depth Factual DataAccess up-to-date and accurate data when generating articles to make the content more informative.
Optimize ModeAutomatically optimize articles with relevant keywords and terms suggested by AI for better search rankings.
Internal / External Links and WP EmbedsWrite an article with relevant internal links, external links to high DA sites and YT Videos
Lists and TablesAutomatically generate articles with lists and tables for better content organization and readability.
Agility Writer Main Features

Agility Writer Pros And Cons

Agility Writer is currently my #1 pick for 1-click / bulk generation, as the tool generates Highly Factual, Highly Original, and SEO-optimised outputs that are as close to ‘plug-n-play’ as possible.


  • Amazing Outline Builder
  • Factual data
  • SEO Optimized outputs
  • Factual data
  • Lists & tables
  • Low AI Detection score
  • Internal / External Links


  • Pricing
  • Limited Customization

Agility Writer Pricing

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5 credits

up to 120 articles in 1-click mode and up to 60 articles in advanced mode


28 USD

32 credits

up to 120 articles in 1-click mode and up to 60 articles in advanced mode


98 USD

120 credits

up to 120 articles in 1-click mode and up to 60 articles in advanced mode

How To Write High-Quality Articles with Agility Writer

So, content creators, you’re ready to conquer the content game, armed with the power of Agility Writer – the leading content creation tool on the market?

Awesome! Let’s jump into the writing process, where ease and productivity go hand in hand.

The Smart Outline Builder, a fantastic option for marketers, enables users to create the perfect article outline by choosing headings from multiple top-ranking competitors. This adds tremendous value by ensuring that the generated content is well-structured and relevant to search intent, backed up by research. To further streamline the process, here’s how to use the Outline Builder:

How To Use the Outline Builder of Agility Writer

Step 1: Access the Outline Builder

Ease your way into the system. Log in to your account and navigate to the Outline Builder feature, all with a few simple clicks.

Step 2: Enter your keyword or topic

Type your keyword or topic in the input field provided. This should be the main focus of the article you’re aiming to create, filled with engaging images and informative content.

Step 3: Scrape headings and generate AI outline

Click the “Get Headings” button to scrape the top-ranking search results for your keyword or topic. Simultaneously, click the “Include AI Outline” checkbox to let Agility Writer generate an AI outline based on the search results.

Step 4: Select headings from SERPs and AI suggestions

Review the list of headings from both top-ranking competitors and the AI-generated suggestions. Click on the headings you find relevant and wish to include in your article. These selected headings will appear in the right-hand side panel.

Once you’ve selected the desired headings, click the “Create Outline” button to generate the final article outline. This outline, infused with the perfect blend of headings from the top-ranking competitors and AI-generated suggestions, ensures increased productivity.

Try the Advanced Mode of Agility Writer

The Advanced Mode offers more control over the article outline and advanced settings for generating high-quality articles according to your needs. This mode offers a variety of options that marketers often find value in. Here’s how to use it:

IMPORTANT! Advance Mode will spend 2 credits instead of 1 credit (1-click writer)

Step 1: Import the outline from Outline Builder

Copy the final outline from the Outline Builder and paste it into the Advanced Mode’s outline section. You can also manually edit or add headings as needed.

Step 2: Enter your article details

Type in your article title, target region, and choose the number of main headings (H2) you want to include in your article. Make sure to set the target region correctly, as it will impact the search intent and outline generation.

Step 3: Customize advanced settings

In the Advanced Mode settings, you can try different customization options and select the article structure (standard, long, or advanced), audience, and tone of voice for your article. All of this research and image sourcing will make the content more engaging.

How To Use the Advanced Mode of Agility Writer

Step 4: Add in-depth factual data (optional)

Turn on the “In-depth Factual Data” setting to make your content more real-time, informative and up-to-date. This may increase the article generation time, especially for longer articles.

Step 5.1: Get LSI Keywords (optional)

You can go to tools like NeuronWriter (example below) and copy over the suggested keywords and paste them over to the Keywords window without any additional formatting.

How To Optimize Agility Writer outputs with NeuronWriter

Step 5.2: Include terms and keywords (optional)

Once you got a list of keywords, enter them in the “Terms and Keywords” section. Agility Writer’s AI will try to incorporate these keywords in your article, resulting in a higher SEO score.

Agility Writer Advanced Mode Keyword Optimization

Step 6: Generate the article

Click the “Write Article” or “Add to Writing Queue” button to generate your article. If you choose “Add to Writing Queue,” the system will generate the article in the background, and you can find it in the history section after 5 to 20 minutes.

Agility Writer Advanced Mode Output Example

Step 7: Check the final SEO score

Paste the content back to NeuronWriter and tweak the output further to get the highest SEO score. After all, every marketer values high SEO scores!

In the example below, we got an SEO score of “61” without any additional editing, demonstrating the efficiency of the writing process.

SEO Score of Agility Writer in NeuronWriter

Generate SEO Optimised Articles With Optimize Mode

Optimize mode takes care of NLP (natural language processing) keywords and bases its outline and the length of the articles on the top SERP results.

IMPORTANT! Optimize Mode will spend 4 credits instead of 1 credit (1-click writer)

Step 1: Open Agility Writer

Start by opening the application on your computer.

Step 2: Select the Optimize Mode

Upon launching the application, one is ushered into a comprehensive workflow which comprises a range of modes on the software. One part or feature that seems to be the solution to many users’ quandaries is the “Optimize Mode.” By activating this mode, your ideas are given the best chance to take root and flourish.

Step 3: Input the Keyword

The next step requires feeding the application with the keyword or phrase that is specific to your article or target audience. From the perspective of this guide, the reference keyword was “best SUVs for large families 2023.”

Agility Writer Optimize Mode

Step 4: Set the Region

Besides the keyword, a great investment is to specify the region for your article; enabling the software to tailor the content to a certain area’s preferences. In this case, the region set was the USA, expanding your reach and optimizing search engine rankings.

Step 5: Click on “Create”

Once you’ve selected your keyword and set your prefered region, click on the “Create” button. This will cost you four credits.

Post ‘create,’ the tool will generate an outline segmented by its analysis. Take time to review this outline and ensure it resonates with your flow. If it misaligns, consider deselecting some of the URLs and click on “save and create outline” to regenerate it.

Agility Writer Optimize Mode Outline

Step 7: Add to Queue

When you’re satisfied with the outline’s benefits, hitting the “add to queue” button is the next course of action. You’ll need to wait around 40 minutes, after which your article will be generated.

Step 8: Copy and Paste the Article

Once the article is ready, copy it and paste it into your desired storage location, such as your website’s content management system or a word document.

Step 9: Optimize Further with FAQs

To make your article more optimized, you can add FAQs for underused keyword terms. By doing so, you can increase keyword relevance further.

How To Use Product Roundup Review Feature in Agility Writer

Step 1: Click ‘More’ and go to Product Roundup

Agility Writer Product Roundup Feature
  • Once you are logged in, navigate to the “More” section and select the “Product Roundupt” template from the list of available templates.

Step 2: Enter the Title and click ‘Create Outline’

How to use Product Roundup in Agility Writer
  • Enter the title for your roundup post, such as “Three Best Trading Computers.” You can also add the number of headings and choose whether to use the advanced beta feature.
How to validate links in Product Roundup in Agility Writer
  • Click on “Create Outline” to generate an outline for your roundup post. The AI will suggest various products and sections to include in the article. You can choose to accept the suggestions or make changes as needed.

Step 5: Select Product Review Settings

  • Replace the suggested products with the ones you want to feature in your roundup post. Copy and paste the Amazon product URLs into the corresponding fields. You can also add affiliate links if you wish.

Step 6: Click ‘Add to writing queue’

  • Click on the “Validate” button to ensure that the product links are working and the products are available on Amazon. If any links are not found, you may need to add them manually.

By following these steps, you can create high-quality roundup posts and product reviews with the help of Agility Writer’s Roundup Post feature.

Agility Writer AI Detection Feature

Agility Writer, a leading AI-powered copywriting tool, has introduced an Advanced AI Detection feature to help users create original articles that pass AI detection tests or varies Tool Detectors. This feature is particularly valuable for professionals in industries where the credibility of their content is crucial. In experiments conducted by Agility Writer, the average originality scores of articles generated using this feature ranged from 67 to 76, indicating a significant improvement in originality compared to content generated without this feature.

Agility Writer AI Detection Results

Here’s how to get started with Advanced AI Detection feature:

Step 1: Generate an Outline

Before you start writing your content, it’s essential to have a clear outline of what you want to discuss. Click the “Generate Outline” button to begin the content creation process. This will help you in creating a structured and well-organized article.

Step 2: Enable the Advanced AI Detection Feature

Once you have your outline, click on the “Advanced AI Detection” setting. This feature will help you create content that is less likely to be flagged as AI-generated. Please note that enabling this feature will deduct three credits instead of two, so be mindful of the extra cost.

Agility Writer Advanced AI Detection Feature

Step 3: Use Standard Text and In-Depth Factual Data

Agility Writer suggests using standard text and in-depth factual data when writing your article. This will not only improve the quality of your content but also increase its originality score.

With your advanced AI detection feature enabled and your outline set, it’s time to flow with the writing of your article in a way that minimizes detection as AI-generated content.

Step 5: Test Your Content with

Once your article is complete, head over to to test its originality score. Copy and paste your content into the platform and click “Scan.” A higher originality score means your content is less likely to be detected as AI-generated.

Agility Writer final thoughts 💭

  • Agility Writer is a powerful AI content writer with high originality, SEO optimization, and factual data.
  • It features Outline Builder and Optimize Mode for well-structured and high-quality articles.
  • The platform offers customization options through its Advanced Mode for more control over article outlines and settings.
  • Some users may find the pricing plans quite steep, but you can get a special discount
  • Agility Writer offers a reliable and efficient choice for producing top-quality articles and outperforming the competition.

Agility Writer Frequently Asked Questions

Is Agility Writer Worth The Investment?

Yes, Agility Writer is worth the investment, as it produces high-quality, SEO-optimized, and factual content with innovative features like Outline Builder and GPT-4 integration. It is particularly valuable for those seeking efficient, high-quality content generation with minimal manual editing.

Can I customize the content generated by Agility Writer?

Yes, you can customize the content generated by Agility Writer using its Advanced Mode, which offers more control over article outlines and advanced settings. You can also manually edit the generated content to meet your specific needs.

What Is Agility Writer AI?

Agility Writer AI is an innovative ai powered content creation tool that uses artificial intelligence (GPT-4 integration) to generate high-quality, seo optimized articles with features like Outline Builder, in-depth data, and bulk article generation options.

How does Agility Writer Compare to other Top AI Tools?

Agility Writer stands out among other top AI tools for its high originality, SEO optimization, and incorporation of factual data in the generated content. The Outline Builder and GPT-4 integration offer well-structured and high-quality articles, making it a reliable and efficient choice compared to other AI content generation tools.

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