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Discover the future of content creation with, an innovative platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize blogging, SEO, and digital marketing. Say goodbye to time-consuming content generation, and hello to quick, cost-effective, and customizable articles that can propel your website to new heights. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or SEO enthusiast, you’ll benefit from this Autoblogging ai review!

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  • is an AI-powered content generation tool that creates high-quality, SEO-friendly articles in seconds.
  • Key features include bulk generation, Amazon product reviews, and WordPress integration.
  • Offers various modes: Quick Mode (fast content creation), Pro Mode (customization and control), Godlike Mode (advanced SEO optimization), and Amazon Reviews (product review generation).
  • Pricing ranges from $49 to $249, with options for trial users and different levels of content production needs.
  • Pros include cost-effectiveness, high readability, and SEO optimization, while cons are limited templates and lack of chat support.
  • Additional tools and features include title generator, meta description generator, and headings generator for enhanced content optimization.

What is is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps users create high-quality blog posts and articles within seconds. It utilizes advanced AI algorithms, including GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4, to generate unique, well-structured, and SEO-friendly content. With various modes, such as Quick Mode, Pro Mode, and Godlike Mode, users can create content with different levels of optimization and customization. also offers features like bulk generation, Amazon product reviews, and direct integration with WordPress, allowing users to scale their content production efficiently. The tool can save time and resources, making it an attractive option for bloggers, marketers, and website owners looking to enhance their content strategies.

Main Features of

Key BenefitsDescription
Fast content generationHigh-quality articles in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on the mode used.
Cost-effectiveThe tool offers various pricing options, making it affordable for users to generate multiple articles.
Multiple has Quick Mode, Pro Mode, Godlike Mode, and Amazon Reviews mode for different content needs.
SEO-optimized contentThe generated content is optimized for SEO, including proper formatting, headings, and keywords.
Bulk generation and auto-postingUsers can generate multiple articles at once and auto-post them directly to their WordPress site.
Customization optionsUsers can add subheadings, keywords, and secondary keywords to guide the AI in generating more specific content.
AI Images and FAQ schema can automatically generate AI images and include FAQ schema markup in the content.
Supports Amazon product reviewsThe tool can generate Amazon product reviews by analyzing product pages and extracting key information.
Free additional provides free tools like title generator, meta description generator, and headings generator.
Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement
The AI technology behind is constantly evolving, ensuring better content generation over time.

Autoblogging Pricing


49 USD

60 articles

0.8$ per article


99 USD

150 articles

0.66$ per article


249 USD

Unlimited articles

0.49$ per article offers a range of pricing options to cater to different needs and budgets. From a trial option to a more comprehensive plan for heavy users, there is a suitable plan for everyone. Here are the pricing options:

  1. Trial Plan:
    For those who want to test the platform before committing to a paid plan, offers a 1 dollar trial. With this trial, you can create up to 5 articles to explore the features and see if it fits your requirements.
  2. Starter Package:
    The Starter Package provides a cost-effective solution for users who need a moderate number of AI-generated articles. Priced at less than a dollar per article, this plan is perfect for those who are just starting with AI content generation.
  3. Advanced Package:
    For users looking for a more cost-efficient option, the Advanced Package offers a lower price per article at 0.66 dollars. This plan is ideal for those who require a larger volume of content, allowing them to generate numerous articles at a reduced cost.
  4. Godlike Mode:
    For users who want highly optimized content for SEO, the Godlike Mode is available at the cost of 2 credits per article. This mode generates more comprehensive and in-depth articles that are better optimized for search engines, giving you a higher chance of ranking on Google.

Please note that specific prices and details of each plan may vary. Visit the website to get accurate and up-to-date information on their pricing options. Pros and Cons is hands down one of the best 1-click bulk article writers with unique modes and powerful SEO capabilities


  • Inexpensive
  • Bulk generation possible
  • SEO optimized content
  • High readability
  • WP integration


  • Not many templates
  • Not suitable for short-from copy
  • No Chat option

Main Modes of

ModeDescriptionIdeal For
Quick ModeGenerates articles instantly based on the provided keyword(s) with minimal input. Outputs articles ranging from 1,200 to 1,600 words, depending on the chosen quick mode version (1.0 or 2.0).Fast content creation without much detail
Pro ModeOffers more control over the generated content by allowing users to add subheadings, keywords, and other requirements. Users can input up to 15 subheadings to create a custom outline and generate a more structured and detailed piece of content.Guided content generation with custom input
Godlike ModeGenerates highly optimized and in-depth articles by inputting a competitor’s URL. Creates content that is more comprehensive and better optimized for SEO. Output is longer (up to 2,700 words), better formatted, and includes facts, sources, and other enhancements, improving the overall quality and readability of the article.Advanced SEO-focused content creation
Amazon ReviewsDesigned specifically for creating Amazon product reviews. Users input an Amazon product URL, and the AI generates a comprehensive, well-structured review article by analyzing product information and existing reviews.Affiliate marketers and product reviewers

Quick Mode: The Fast Track to Content Creation

Quick Mode in is designed for users who want to generate content quickly and efficiently. With just a single click, you can create well-structured articles, complete with headings, bullet points, and FAQs. Quick Mode is perfect for users who need to create multiple articles in a short amount of time or are looking for a hands-off approach to content creation.

Advantages of Quick Mode:

  1. Speed: Quick Mode generates articles in a matter of seconds, making it perfect for users who need content fast.
  2. Ease of use: With minimal input required from the user, Quick Mode is ideal for those who want a simple and straightforward approach to content creation.
  3. Cost-effective: Quick Mode is a budget-friendly option, as it costs less per article compared to Pro Mode.

Disadvantages of Quick Mode:

  1. Limited customization: Quick Mode offers fewer options for customization compared to Pro Mode, which may not suit users who want more control over their content.
  2. Potentially lower quality: While Quick Mode generates decent content, it may not be as comprehensive or well-optimized as articles generated using Pro Mode.

Pro Mode: The Ultimate Content Customization Experience

Pro Mode in offers users more control over their content, allowing them to guide the AI and get more tailored results. With Pro Mode, you can add up to 15 subheadings, choose AI-generated images, and even specify the language of your content. Pro Mode is perfect for users who want to create more in-depth, high-quality, and personalized content.

Advantages of Pro Mode:

  1. Greater customization: Pro Mode allows users to provide more specific instructions to the AI, resulting in content that meets their requirements more closely.
  2. Better quality: With more guidance from the user, Pro Mode generates more comprehensive and well-optimized articles compared to Quick Mode.
  3. Multi-language support: Pro Mode allows users to create content in multiple languages, making it a versatile option for international websites.

Disadvantages of Pro Mode:

  1. Slower content generation: Due to the additional customization options, Pro Mode takes longer to generate articles compared to Quick Mode.
  2. Requires some additional understanding about the headings structure and keywords to be used

Ultimately, the choice between Quick Mode and Pro Mode in depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. If you require fast, cost-effective content generation with minimal customization, Quick Mode is the way to go. However, if you’re willing to invest more time and money into creating high-quality, customized content, Pro Mode offers the flexibility and control you need. By understanding the differences between these two modes, you can make an informed decision and harness the power of AI to streamline your content creation process. Godlike Mode: How It Works

Godlike mode is a powerful feature in that helps content creators optimize their articles for SEO quickly and easily. By using this mode, you can create a well-optimized article that can potentially dominate search rankings. This guide will walk you through the process of using Godlike mode in

Step 1: Choose a keyword and a competitor

First, choose the keyword you want to optimize your article for, and identify the main competitor who has a well-optimized article for that keyword. Use an SEO optimization tool like Surfer SEO or Neuron Writer to find the competitor with the best content optimization score for your chosen keyword.

Step 2: Input the required information in

Head over to and enter the following information in the Godlike mode section:

  1. Your article title: Make sure it includes your target keyword.
  2. Your competitor’s article URL: Copy the address of the competitor’s article you identified in Step 1.
  3. Keywords: Copy the visible terms from the SEO optimization tool (Surfer SEO or Neuron Writer) and format them as comma-separated words, excluding special characters and numbers.

Step 3: Generate the article

Once you have entered all the required information, click on the “Generate” button. Note that using Godlike mode takes two credits and can take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes to generate your article.

Step 4: Copy the generated article

When the article is generated, copy the content and paste it into your preferred writing or editing tool, such as Neuron Writer. Don’t forget to include the H1 heading and the intro section.

Step 5: Add a meta description

In order for the SEO optimization tool to show the correct optimization score, you need to add a meta description to your article. Write a brief description that includes your target keyword and paste it into your writing tool’s meta description field.

Step 6: Check the optimization score

Once you have added the meta description, the optimization score for your article should be displayed in your writing tool. Compare your score to your competitor’s score to see if your article is better optimized.

Step 7: Make adjustments if needed

If your optimization score is lower than desired, you can use the “Insert Terms” feature in Surfer SEO or make minor edits to your content to improve the score. Keep in mind that the goal is to create an article that is well-optimized for your target keyword, so don’t be afraid to make necessary adjustments.

Using Godlike mode in can significantly improve your article’s SEO optimization and help you dominate search rankings. By following this step-by-step guide, you can create well-optimized articles with minimal effort, saving you time and energy. Give Godlike mode a try and see the difference it can make in your content creation process

Amazon Product Reviews

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using for creating Amazon review articles:

Once logged in, navigate to the Amazon Reviews feature in’s dashboard.

  1. Select the Amazon product: Search for the Amazon product you want to review, and copy its URL.
  2. Generate the review article: Paste the product URL into the designated field in, and click ‘Generate Article.’ The tool will take a couple of minutes to create a well-researched and well-written review article.
  3. Review and edit the generated content: Once the article is generated, review it for any necessary edits or additions. While produces high-quality content, it’s always a good idea to give it a human touch for better readability and engagement.
  4. Publish the article: After reviewing and editing the article, publish it on your website, and add your affiliate links to monetize your content.

Autoblogging additional Tools & Features

Feature / ToolDescription
Bulk GenerationGenerate multiple articles at once by inputting multiple keywords or titles.
Auto-Posting to WordPressDirectly publish or save generated content as drafts on your WordPress site.
AI ImagesEnhance your articles with AI-generated images for visual appeal.
FAQs and Schema MarkupImprove SEO performance with frequently asked questions and schema markup.
HTML FormattingAutomatically format your content in HTML for easy publishing.
Autoblogging Title Generator (Free Tool)Create compelling, SEO-friendly titles for your articles based on your target keyword.
Autoblogging Meta Description Generator (Free Tool)Generate relevant and SEO-optimized meta descriptions for your articles based on your target keyword.
Autoblogging Headings and Outline Generator (Free Tool)Generate a list of headings and subheadings for your article based on your target keyword, improving content structure.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

  • revolutionizes content creation by harnessing AI technology for fast, SEO-optimized, and cost-effective articles.
  • Multiple modes, including Quick Mode, Pro Mode, Godlike Mode, and Amazon Reviews, cater to various content generation needs.
  • Bulk generation and auto-posting features streamline the content creation process for users managing multiple articles.
  • Additional tools like Title Generator, Meta Description Generator, and Headings Generator aid users in further optimizing their content.
  • The platform’s continuous improvement ensures better content generation over time, making it a valuable asset for bloggers, marketers, and SEO enthusiasts.

Autoblogging AI Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an AI-powered writing tool that automates the process of generating bulk content based on your parameters. It can be used to create product reviews for Amazon and other product information.

How does work? uses AI technology to analyze and generate content from other sources. You need to provide the AI writer with your parameters, and it will automatically generate content for you based on those parameters.

Can write product reviews for Amazon?

Yes, can be used to write product reviews for Amazon. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to create high-quality reviews for their Amazon products quickly.

Is an AI writer?

Yes, is an AI-powered writing tool that can generate content automatically based on your specifications and requirements。

What are the benefits of using makes it simple to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. It allows you to automate the process of content creation, so you can easily focus on other things while the tool generates content for you.

How can help with search engine optimization? can help with search engine optimization by generating high-quality content based on your parameters. This content can be optimized for specific keywords and phrases, which can help improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Is an awesome tool?

Yes, is an awesome tool that can help you create high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. It is one of the best AI writing tools on the market today.

Have you tested

Yes, we have tested, and it works great. The content generated by the tool is of high quality, and it makes the process of creating content much easier and more efficient.

Can I become an Amazon reviews writer using

Yes, you can become an Amazon reviews writer using The tool has a program specifically designed to help people write product reviews for Amazon, and the content generated by the tool is of high quality.

Is the best AI writing tool on the market?

There are many AI writing tools on the market, but is certainly one of the best. The tool is powerful, easy to use, and generates high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

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