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Have you ever wondered if you can personally pay for Turnitin and access its impressive features? Let’s spill the beans: yes, it is possible! This article will guide you through different purchasing options and cost structures of Turnitin—complete with insider tips.

So, can I pay for Turnitin?

Key Takeaways

  • Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software primarily sold through institutional licenses to schools and universities. Individual students cannot directly buy a Turnitin subscription.
  • Check with your school or university to see if you have access to Turnitin through their institutional license.
  • Instructors can purchase personal accounts to check student papers for around $20 per year.
  • Be cautious of third party sellers claiming to offer Turnitin access, as this violates Turnitin’s terms.
  • free 60-day trial is available to test out Turnitin.
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What is Turnitin and How Does It Work?

Turnitin is a tool that helps find copied work. It looks at words in your paper and checks if they match other works. This can help catch cheating and also make sure you write well.

Schools often buy access to Turnitin for their students to use.

You submit your paper or document through an online portal. Then, Turnitin does its job! It scans every word of your text against millions of pages on the web, books, journals, and past student papers.

When it finds matches, it gives them a red flag. This report shows how much of the writing might be copied from somewhere else. The final score tells you how original the text is.

Can I Pay for Turnitin?

Here are the key points on whether you can pay for Turnitin:

  • Turnitin is primarily sold through institutional licenses to colleges, universities, and schools. Students cannot directly purchase a Turnitin subscription.
  • If your school or university uses Turnitin, you may be able to access it through their institutional license. Check with your institution to see if Turnitin is available to you under their license.
  • Turnitin does offer personal accounts for instructors to check student papers outside of an institutional license. An instructor account costs around $20 per year.
  • There are some third party sellers that claim to sell Turnitin access to students, but this is against Turnitin’s terms of service. Use caution when purchasing from third parties.
  • Turnitin does offer a free 60-day trial that allows you to test the software. This trial provides access for 1 instructor and 100 students.
  • While you cannot directly buy Turnitin as a student, check with your school to see if you have access through their license. If not, use free alternative plagiarism checkers or request your instructor check your papers through their personal Turnitin account.

If you are unable to pay for Turnitin, use this Free Turnitin Alternative instead

Turnitin Features and Testing Results

Turnitin software offers distinct features such as plagiarism checking, feedback and grading tools, revision assistance, and reliable 24/7 support to enhance the academic experience.

Plagiarism checking

Turnitin uses a special tool for plagiarism checking. This tool looks at the words in your work. It compares them to words found in books, articles, and many other places on the internet.

Each time you send your work to Turnitin, it gets checked for matching text. The matches show up as color-coded spots on a map of your paper. The colors help tell you how much of your work is similar to other works.

You can use this information to make changes if needed before turning in final papers or essays.

Feedback and grading

Turnitin helps teachers with grading. It lets them mark papers fast. With Turnitin, feedback becomes easy to give and get. Teachers can send points out right in the document. This makes it easy for students to see where they need to work more.

The tool also gives grades back fast. This helps students learn sooner if they did well or not on their tasks. Using this feature, teachers save time and grade more papers in less time than usual.

Revision assistance

Turnitin helps you fix your work. It gives clear tips on where to make changes. It shows the parts of your paper that are too similar to other works. You can then rewrite these parts in a new way with Turnitin’s guidance.

This tool aims to boost your writing skills while keeping your work free from copying. The goal is to turn in clean, unique work every time!

24/7 support

Turnitin offers support all day and all night. If you need help, they are there to answer your questions anytime. This makes Turnitin a good choice for students who study at odd hours or teachers who grade late into the night.

It means that help is always just a click away when you use this tool. Users say this feature is very helpful and gives them peace of mind.

Benefits of Turnitin Student Subscription

A Turnitin student subscription offers myriad benefits such as fostering originality in writing, bolstering improved writing skills through feedback and revisions, saving valuable time by flagging potential issues upfront, and providing reliable support around the clock.


Turnitin helps students write work that is fresh and new. It uses the Originality Report feature to do this job. This tool checks how different a paper is compared to others on the web.

It also tells you if parts of your text are like those in books, articles, or past student works.

The Originality Report gives every piece of writing a score. A low score means most of your words are not copied from other places. Turnitin does not say if copying has happened on purpose or by mistake.

But it lets teachers see where the same words show up in other texts.

Improved writing skills

Turnitin helps boost your writing skills. It stops you from copying others’ work by mistake. This tool lets you know when your words match someone else’s too closely. Over time, this makes you a better writer as it teaches originality.

You learn to write in your own voice and style, not copy from books or the internet. So, with Turnitin’s help, every essay or paper you write becomes a step towards being a great writer!


Turnitin saves you a lot of time. No more waiting for days to know if your work has any copied parts. With this tool, it is done in minutes! It checks many papers at the same time with no fuss.

Teachers save time on grading too. They get to see where students need help right away and can focus their effort there. Students can use that saved time to study or do other things they enjoy.

Turnitin makes school tasks faster and easier for everyone!


Turnitin can be trusted to do a good job. It checks your work in depth. It uses a big data bank of books, essays and websites when it checks your writing. This makes sure you don’t copy someone’s words or ideas by mistake.

Turnitin works around the clock so you can use it any time you want. You don’t have to worry about errors as Turnitin is very careful in its checking process.

Common questions about Turnitin

People have many questions about Turnitin. Here are some of them:

  1. Can I buy a Turnitin license?
  2. How much does it cost to get a Turnitin subscription?
  3. Does my school or university offer free access to Turnitin??
  4. What services does a Turnitin subscription provide?
  5. How can I best use the features of Turnitin?
  6. What file types can I check for plagiarism with Turnitin?
  7. What is the Originality Report in Turnitin and how does it help?

Conclusion and final thoughts đź’­

  • You can access Turnitin if your school or university has an institutional license.
  • Students cannot buy Turnitin subscriptions directly.
  • Instructors can purchase personal accounts to check papers.

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