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Welcome to the ultimate showdown: Vs QuillBot: Which One is Best? As Vlad Ivanov, the voice behind the WordsAtScale channel, I’ve dived deep into the world of AI, sharing insights that have captivated thousands. Whether you’re a student scrambling for a last-minute essay, a writer seeking fresh words, or simply curious, you’re in the right place. This blog will break down the pros, cons, and my personal experience with both tools to ensure your words shine. Stay tuned!

The image displays a colorful advertisement claiming to offer "The Only PROMPT To Pass AI Detection Every Time," followed by a call-to-action button "Get Now." A Short Introduction is an online rephrasing tool that is designed to precisely revamp, or paraphrase a given content while keeping the original theme intact. Writers, bloggers, webmasters, and students apply this tool, to improve their writing quality.

The technology that works behind the tool is the “LLM” (which stands for Large Language Model). This tech is an advanced type of AI that utilizes ‘DL” (Deep Learning) and large data sets which makes the rephrasing tool, always do accurate rephrasing.

Overview of QuillBot’s Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot’s rephrasing tool is powered by “AI algorithms” to restate existing content around the actual meaning. While revamping content, the tool uses new words, phrases, structures, and sentences that are trendy, unique, as well as contextually correct.

This tool is used by multiple users for the following purposes:

  • Remove plagiarized text pieces.
  • Diversify original sentence structure.
  • Improve readability.

 And so on…

A Detailed Comparison Between the Features of and QuillBot

There are many top-tier features possessed by both the paraphrasers. But here we shall discuss only those that are contrasting to each other.

1. Free Accessibility

Both and QuillBot provide freemium (free as well as premium) versions. Let’s see which tool’s free version provides better accessibility.

  • QuillBot’s Paraphrasing Tool:

The QuillBot’s Rephrasing Tool has a maximum word count of 125 in its free edition. It means that if you are required to rephrase long-form content pieces (comprising more than 125 words), you have to run the tool multiple times. 

For Example:

We pasted a sample content of 450 words into the QuillBot’s paraphraser. The tool restated just 125 words from the input and left the remaining unchanged. The below image shows this:


So, based on the above discussion, if you are required to rephrase long-form articles, blogs, or other content pieces, you will either buy QuillBot’s Premium version or run the tool multiple times.


Contrary to QuillBot, the free version of enables users to paraphrase up to 500 words at once. This feature provides more ease (compared to QuillBot) to users who are needed to revamp long-form content pieces.

Practical Example:

“To practically show this feature, we passed the same 450-word-long sample content pieces through the paraphraser. However, this time we got all the words rephrased in the output by the tool.”


2. Built-In Free Plagiarism Checker

Rephrasing is mostly done to remove instances of plagiarism. So, after rephrasing their content, users mostly need to check their revamped content for plagiarism to ensure that all instances of duplication are eliminated. 

Both the rephrasing tools under discussion have built-in plagiarism-checking tools. Let’s see which tool leads to this feature.


The paraphraser has a free-to-use plagiarism detector that is integrated into it. You can use this tool to check whether all the instances of plagiarism are removed from your content or not. 

Image Showing that Tool Usage:

Moreover, you will not have to do further steps or clicks but the checker automatically appears with the output of the tool. So, it is just a single click away from you.

Additionally, the Plagiarism checker of “” has no limitation of words but it can check plagiarism in thousands of words at a time.

  • QuillBot:

As we stated before, QuillBot also comes up with a built-in Plagiarism Checker. However, that tool is not free to use and accessible only to those who can afford its subscription. Moreover, to reach the tool you need to look for the “Menu Bar.”


3. Paraphrasing Modes

Both tools come up with multiple modes for rephrasing. Let’s discuss which tool is best for this feature.

  • QuillBot:

QuillBot’s rephrasing tool offers “Nine Different Modes” in the Premium version. However, its free version provides access to two modes which are Standard and Fluency

Let’s see these modes in the below image:


Contrary to QuillBot, comes up with just “Five Rephrasing Modes” in the premium version. However, its free version supports two modes which are “Regular” and “Formal.” 

The below image shows these modes:

4. Readability

The majority of users come to rephrasing tools to optimize their content readability. In the section below, we’ll check which tool improved the readability level while rephrasing.

  • QuillBot:

To check the readability-improving feature of QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool, we passed a complex to read sample text through the tool.

As Shown below:

Let’s check the readability score of the rephrased content. For this, we utilized a popular readability check tool that is “Hemingway Editor.” 

This readability checker uses a score that tells a small grade (i.e. 5 to 9) for good readability and a higher grade for poor readability (i.e. 10 to 15). In other words, content with lower grades is good to read, and with higher grades is difficult to read.

The editor showed Grade 9 for the content that we rephrased by the QuillBot.


Now, we rephrased the same content using this tool which you can see below image:

Let’s check the readability of the rephrased text utilizing the same Readability Checker (i.e. Hemingway). However, this time we got a better readability score i.e. Grade 7 as compared to that of QuillBot’s output.

5. Online Chat Support Option

Online customer chat support is a useful feature that helps customers in getting help or answers to any question or problem.


The Paraphrasing tool offers 24/7 active online “Chat Support” that will help you in case you have any questions or issues.

The below image shows the feature offered by the tool:

In the above demo, you can see how the “Customer Chat Support Team” of provided us with accurate guidance on how to use the tool.

  • QuillBot:

On the contrary, QuillBot doesn’t provide such a feature. So, in the case of any query or problem, you may get stuck there as there will be no expert to hear and support you. Vs QuillBot: A Detailed Table

Words Limit for fee Version500 ✔️125 ❌
Free-to-Use ModesTwo ✔️Two ✔️
Supported Languages17+ Languages ✔️17+ Languages ✔️
Availability VersionsFree & paid ✔️Free & paid ✔️
ReadabilityExcellent ✔️Only Good ❌
Online Chat- SupportYes ✔️No ❌
Built In Plagiarism CheckerFree to Use ✔️Only Premium ❌
Total ModesOnly Five ❌Nine ✔️

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

Based on the above comprehensive discussion, we have concluded that is the best tool. This is because, in most of the comparison features, performed better than QuillBot. However, we cannot deny the performance of QuillBot as it is also better for restating content when considered on its edge.

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