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Perplexity AI is an artificial intelligence tool that utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to generate high-quality long-form content. It has gained popularity among content creators and marketers for its advanced features that help streamline content creation, especially for SEO-optimized articles.

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In this Perplexity AI Review we will look into main use cases, comparison with ChatGPT and pricing.

Overview of Perplexity AI

Some of the key capabilities and benefits of Perplexity AI include:

  • Integration with powerful AI models like Claude and GPT-4 to enhance content quality. These models help ensure factual accuracy and fluent writing.
  • Ability to extract relevant LSI keywords and create optimized outlines based on top-ranking content. This ensures content is focused on high-search volume topics.
  • Generates content using markdown formatting for easy structuring. Can include bolded wordslists, and tables for better readability.
  • Produces long-form articles up to 3000+ words by tricking the AI into writing separate sections that can be combined.
  • Allows uploading of reference files like PDFs, CSVs, and text transcripts to provide the AI more context.
  • Retrieves live Google search results to confirm facts and provide up-to-date information.
  • Provides an SEO-optimized workflow to help content rank higher in search engines.

Perplexity AI offers both a free version and paid Pro plans starting at $20/month. The Pro plan unlocks additional features like unlimited file uploads, access to Claude and GPT-4, and more searches per day.

Key Use Cases and Applications

Based on reviews and demonstrations from real users, some of the main applications of Perplexity AI include:

SEO Content Creation

One of the most popular uses of Perplexity is for creating SEO-optimized content that ranks highly in search engines. Some of its key features for this use case include:

  • Extracting long-tail, low competition LSI keywords from top-ranking articles. This helps target valuable search terms.
  • Optimizing content by seamlessly integrating LSI keywords through natural language generation.
  • Analyzing output to ensure high keyword density and optimization scores.
  • Ability to rewrite and tweak sections to maximize optimization.
  • Adding FAQs, tables, and other elements to boost engagement and scores.

For example, in one demonstration, Perplexity took a list of LSI keywords and produced a 2000+ word SEO-optimized article with a high rating of 78 in the optimization tool Neurorater.

Long-form Articles

Perplexity makes it easy to produce long-form articles up to 3000+ words, which tend to perform well for informational queries.

The key to generating such long articles is prompting the AI to write separate sections of around 1000 words each. Perplexity is tricked into thinking these are individual articles. But in reality, they can be combined into one cohesive long-form piece.

Headings and transitions may need some editing to smooth things out. But overall, this provides a simple way to get AI-generated long-form articles.

In one example, a 5 question outline was expanded into a 3000 word piece covering the launch of DALL-E 3.

Factual Writing

Having access to Claude and GPT-4 allows Perplexity AI to confirm facts and provide accurate information in its writing.

The integration with live Google search provides up-to-date data on things like awards, statistics, and news. Perplexity can seamlessly summarize the most relevant search results.

For example, asking “Who won the 2023 Oscars?” produces a factual response even before the awards ceremony has happened. This is crucial for any informative content.

Perplexity AI Pricing and Plans

Perplexity AI offers both a free version and a Pro paid plan:

  • Free Version: Very limited capabilities. Can only generate up to 100 words.
  • Pro Plan: $20/month. Unlocks key features like GPT-4 integration, unlimited file uploads, and up to 300 searches per day.

This pricing model differs from ChatGPT which has the following plans:

  • ChatGPT: Free with limited daily use. No payment required.
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month. Offers faster response times and priority access. No major feature upgrades compared to free.

Key Differences:

  • Perplexity AI’s free plan is far more limited than ChatGPT’s free access. But the Pro plan unlocks significant new capabilities for a similar $20/month cost as ChatGPT Plus.
  • ChatGPT Plus focuses mainly on faster response and access over added features. Perplexity Pro adds integrations with new AI models and search that enhance the content quality.
  • For serious content creation, Perplexity Pro provides more value for the monthly cost in terms of generated content utility and quality.

So in summary, Perplexity AI provides a more fully-featured premium plan at $20/month with notable upgrades versus ChatGPT which has more limited paid offerings focused on convenience rather than content improvements. Perplexity’s Pro tier is recommended for power users.

Perplexity AI SEO Content Guide and Workflow

Based on expert tips and tricks, here is an overview of how to leverage Perplexity AI for creating optimized, long-form SEO content:

Keyword Research

  • Identify a high-value, low-competition topic for an SEO article. Use keyword research tools to analyze search volume and difficulty.
  • Generate a list of 10-20 related LSI keyword variations with Perplexity using a prompt like:
"Extract 100 highly relevant LSI keywords as a comma separated list for the top 5 performing articles on [chosen topic]"
  • Verify relevance by running the keywords through an optimization tool like Neurorater. Tweak prompts if needed to get more focused keywords.

Outline Creation

  • Construct an SEO-optimized outline with main and subheadings using a prompt such as:
"Extract an SEO-optimized article outline with Roman numeral headings based on the top 5 articles for [chosen topic]"
  • Look at outline structure, main topics, and flow. Edit if needed.

Section Generation

  • Write each section separately using the outline structure and target keywords.
  • Prompt Perplexity to generate around 500-1000 words per section integrating keywords.
  • Example prompt:
"Using markdown formatting, bolded words, and lists, write a detailed 500 word section for [Heading X] from the outline and include as many target keywords as possible"
  • Repeat for all sections.

Compilation and Optimization

  • Combine all sections into a single document.
  • Proofread for flow and consistency. Edit as needed.
  • Delete any duplicate elements like redundant introductions.
  • Analyze keyword density and optimization score.
  • Make tweaks to boost scores like adding more LSI keywords or an FAQ section.
  • Run through grammar checker. Publish once optimized.

Perplexity vs Other AI Writing Tools

Perplexity AI compares favorably to other AI writing assistants like Jasper and ChatGPT based on user reviews. Here is an overview of how some of the top tools stack up:

ToolKey StrengthsLimitations
PerplexitySEO optimization, long-form content, integration with Claude and GPT-4Can overuse lists, requires more prompting
JasperConversational tone,Simpler prompting, Good for short formLower content quality, not optimized for SEO
ChatGPTVery natural language, Good explanationsShort outputs, factual inaccuracies

Perplexity shines when it comes to producing high volumes of optimized, long-form content by leveraging other AI models and live data.

Jasper is easier to use for short-form writing but lacks Perplexity’s depth.

ChatGPT generates very human-like language but lacks integration with search and other AI models to ensure accuracy and optimization.

Is Perplexity AI Worth It?

For content marketers, SEO experts, and writers, Perplexity AI can be an extremely useful tool to add to your arsenal. The ability to rapidly research topics, generate outlines, and produce long-form articles with high search rankings makes it a worthwhile investment.

However, it does require learning how to properly prompt the AI to get the desired outputs. So expect a bit of a learning curve. To get the most value, focus on using Perplexity for what it excels at – optimized, long-form content integration with other AI models.

The free version is quite limited. So the Pro plan at $20/month is recommended for serious use and access to key features. For the time and effort savings plus high-quality content, Perplexity AI can provide strong value if leveraged properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Good is Perplexity AI?

Perplexity AI is considered one of the leading AI writing assistants available today. It produces high-quality, long-form content that scores very well for SEO optimization and readability. The integration with advanced models like Claude and GPT-4 results in accurate, human-like writing. For long, optimized articles, Perplexity AI generates some of the best outputs based on user reviews.

Is Perplexity AI Accurate?

Yes, Perplexity AI has features to ensure accuracy in its content. The key aspects are:

  • Integration with Claude and GPT-4 models that are optimized for factual correctness.
  • Ability to retrieve and summarize the latest Google search results to confirm facts.
  • Summarization of reference materials provided to give more context.

This enables Perplexity AI to produce accurate articles with up-to-date information. Users report much higher accuracy compared to tools lacking these capabilities.

Capabilities of Perplexity AI

Some of the key capabilities of Perplexity AI include:

  • Long-form content generation up to 3000+ words
  • SEO optimization with LSI keyword integration
  • Outline creation from top search results
  • Markdown formatting with lists, tables, and other elements
  • Uploading of reference files like PDFs and CSVs
  • Integration with Claude, GPT-4, and search results
  • Analyze content optimization scores

Does Perplexity AI Use ChatGPT

No, Perplexity AI does not utilize or integrate with the ChatGPT model. It uses other proprietary models like Claude along with GPT-4 for enhanced content creation.

Does Perplexity AI Use GPT-4

Yes, users of the Perplexity AI Pro plan at $20/month can select GPT-4 as the underlying language model. This allows Perplexity to leverage the power of GPT-4 to generate more accurate and human-like text. The integration with search and Claude still gives Perplexity an edge over using GPT-4 alone.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

Perplexity AI is changing the game when it comes to AI-powered content creation. The combination of long-form generation, SEO optimization, and factual accuracy makes it stand out from other writing assistants.

It does require learning best practices to get the most out of Perplexity. But for marketers and writers focused on supercharging production with optimized content that ranks, Perplexity AI is a solution worth exploring. The ability to leverage GPT-4, live search results, and target keywords gives this tool an edge for certain use cases.

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