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As an affiliate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. We get commissions for purchases made through links on this website from Amazon and other third parties. is an AI writing tool for generating SEO-optimized content like articles, blog posts, and affiliate reviews.

Key Features

  • 1-click generation of SEO content in 48 languages
  • Auto-posting to WordPress with AI-generated images
  • High and optimal quality options
  • 12 image styles to choose from

Quality Options has two main quality options:

  • High – Decent quality content with basic SEO optimization
  • Optimal – High quality content with advanced SEO optimization

The optimal mode produces more human-like content compared to the high mode.

Image Styles can generate images to go along with the content in 12 different styles.

Below are the 2 images per style that were created for the keyword of “can dogs eat bananas


The dog is playing in a pile of bananas.
The dog sits next to a banana.


A black and white dog is happily playing with a bright yellow Frisbee.
A cartoon dog happily plays with a ball in the grass.


A group of dogs is sitting around a table with fruit and vegetables.
A cartoon animal is painting a still life of colorful fruit in a drawing.


A pack of dogs congregates.
A golden retriever stands in the grass, its orange fur shining in the sunlight.


A cartoon fictional character is jumping and fighting their way through an action-adventure PC game anime.
A group of dogs is sitting around a table.


A golden retriever is happily eating an apple in the image.
The dog is wearing a yellow shirt and sitting next to a bunch of bananas.


A yellow Labrador Retriever is running through the grass, enjoying the outdoors as a beloved pet animal.
The dog is sticking its tongue out.


A dog is painting a banana with natural fruits in the background.
The background displays a pattern.


A person and a dog sit next to a bowl of food on the floor.
A dog is painting an apple in an outdoor setting, surrounded by a bear and other animals.


The dog holds a banana.
A pet Chihuahua stands in a field of grass and corn beneath a bright blue sky.


A cartoon dog is running outdoors with a vegetable in its mouth against a bright blue sky.
The diagram is examined.

Comic Book

A puppy and a dog are enjoying a banana while surrounded by colorful art.
A painting of a dog holding an apple from a local produce food group highlights the importance of natural and whole foods in a healthy diet.

This allows you to select images that fit the tone and topic of your content.

Overall, is a very useful AI writing assistant for generating SEO-optimized content quickly and easily. The quality options and image generation features make it stand out from other AI writing tools.

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