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If you are concerned about AI content detection, you may have utilized paraphrasing tools such as Undetectable AI. However, since Undetectable.AI is a paid tool and occasionally doesn’t provide the optimal output, it’s only natural to explore alternatives and consider what other options are similar to Undetectable AI.

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Key Takeaways:

1. CogniBypass: A reliable and feature-rich tool for bypassing AI content detectors like Originality and Turnitin. Offers both free and paid options, with a credit system to pay for usage.

2. TextGhost: A completely free tool that can effectively bypass AI content detectors. Requires an API key to use and may result in slightly robotic output text.

3. Agility Writer: An advanced AI tool for creating SEO-optimized, long-form articles while bypassing AI detection. Offers several pricing plans catering to different user needs, with a $1 trial plan available.

4. Content At Scale: An AI-assisted content writing tool with high pricing but mixed performance in bypassing AI content detectors.

5. QuillBot: A paraphrasing AI tool offering different modes to adjust the tone of content. Previously effective in bypassing AI detectors, but now a hit or miss.

6. Surfer AI: A newer tool with an Anti-AI detection feature but higher costs due to separate payments for Surfer SEO subscription and article generation.

7. ChatGPT: Advanced prompt engineering skills can help you create custom prompts to generate human-like texts that bypass AI content detectors.


AI Bypass Reliability: Very High

If you’re looking for an Undetectable AI alternative, then CogniBypass is a great tool that you should surely check out. It is capable of tweaking your AI content such that it can’t be spotted by AI systems like Originality and Turnitin.

It’s an easy-to-use tool for anyone who wants to craft content without the AI content detectors finding out.

What Makes CogniBypass Special?

Two cool things about CogniBypass make it shine brighter than others. One is its paraphrasing feature. You give it a text, and it changes it so smoothly that AI detection systems can’t spot it.

It keeps the main idea, just changes how it’s said.

The other cool thing is its GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) feature. You give it a hint, and it cooks up an AI-optimized text that AI detection can’t spot. This is a quick and smart way to create fresh and top-notch content.

See our detailed CogniBypass review.

How to Use CogniBypass?

It’s quite easy to use CogniBypass. Here’s how you do it:

  • Put in Text: First, you put in the text you want to change or create AI-friendly content from.
  • Use the Paraphrasing Feature: If you want to change the text to trick the detection, hit the “Bypass” button. CogniBypass changes the text but keeps the look of it the same, so it’s easy for you to use the new text.
  • Try the Cognitive GPT Feature: To create AI-friendly content, you give a hint about what you want to write about. CogniBypass’s brain-like GPT feature then churns out a detailed text that AI detection can’t easily detect.

The Good and Bad about CogniBypass:

Feature-rich and can be fine-tuned as per your needsYou pay for it with a credit system
Retains the original formatting of your textsThe final output text is slightly less easy to read
Feature-rich and and can be fine-tuned as per your needs

How Much is CogniBypass?

CogniBypass uses a credit system. You buy credits, and they get used up as you use the features. The cost depends on how many credits you buy, so you pay only for what you use.

CogniBypass is available in both free and paid options. In the free option, the tool allows you to process 750 words in total, (150 words at a time). You get 25 credits for it. It can be worthwhile to test the tool’s free option and see how it works for you.

The paid option has $2.49 and $9.99. With $9.99, you get the capability of processing 50,000 words with a total of 250 credits.

Overall, it’s a money-smart choice for anyone who often needs to trick AI detection systems.

Is CogniBypass Reliable and Good?

CogniBypass has shown that it’s good at bypassing AI detection systems. It has successfully dodged AI detection systems like Originality and Turnitin. So, it’s a trusty tool to avoid AI content detection.

But remember, the text might be a bit less easy to read after using CogniBypass. On the bright side, it keeps the look of your text the same, which saves you time and work.


AI Bypass Reliability: Very High

TextGhost is another tool that allows you to paraphrase your writing in a way that remains undetectable by AI content detectors. Like Undetectable AI, you input your sample text and let the tool perform its tweaks.

After some time, the tool returns with an output text that can easily bypass AI content detectors such as Originality and Turnitin.

What Makes TextGhost Special?

One of the most noteworthy things about TextGhost is that it is a free tool. You don’t have to pay large amounts like with other AI tools.

How To Use TextGhost?

All you need to do is get your OpenAI API key, add it to your TextGhost dashboard, paste your text, and let the tool process the text for some time.

The Good And The Bad:

Free tool and doesn’t require any payment for using its featuresProcessing the text can be a bit time consuming than other texts
An API key is needed to use the toolDoesn’t come with additional features
Can effectively bypass AI content detectorsAPI key is needed to use the tool

How Much Is TextGhost?

It’s completely free at the moment. It does have a character limit for every input text and takes a bit of time to process the text. But overall, there are no other costs associated with using the tool, making it perfect for those who don’t want to spend extra money just to bypass AI content detectors.

Is TextGhost Reliable And Good?

Yes, TextGhost is indeed quite reliable. In our testing, it easily passed Originality with a score of around 99% human and also Turnitin with a good score. The only issue is that you may lose the formatting, so you need to edit your output text a bit.

Additionally, the final output text sometimes may sound too robotic and may not suit your writing style, so that’s where you need to make edits. Unlike Undetectable AI, TextGhost lacks options to fine-tune your output based on different writing or purposes.

Agility Writer

AI Bypass Reliability: High

Agility Writer is an AI tool that can help you to create long-form SEO-optimized articles quickly with minimal. We have already an in-depth review of Agility Writer. You can check it out to learn more about the tool.

What Makes the Agility Writer So Special?

The best part about Agility Writer is its advanced feature that allows you to write a complete article from adding outlines, to keywords, to fine-tuning it based on the target audience and tone of voice.

The likelihood of the content generated by Agility writers as AI content can vary. But in general, it’s quite good at creating content that gives a high human score to your content.

How To Use Agility Writer?

The process of using the tool is pretty much straightforward.

  • At first, you need to open its outline builder and there you need to input all the relevant details like headings and target keywords for creating a well-structured article.
  • Next, you need to import those details in the Advanced settings work area. There you can adjust the tone, target audience, and perform all other small fine-tuning and tweaks to create well-optimized content that suits your needs.
  • You can also turn on the additional features like the Advanced AI detection and the In-depth factual data option.
  • Finally, once all the settings are complete, simply confirm and generate the article by hitting the write article button.

The Good And The Bad

Feature Rich and has lots of customizations available for fine-tuning the outputIt is a paid option and can be costly to produce content
You can add article outline and also keywords of your choice
You can add an article outline and also keywords of your choice

How Much Is Agility Writer?

Agility Writer offers various pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Premium plan, priced at $228 per month, is ideal for digital agencies and SEO content marketers. It includes 320 credits per month, allowing users to generate up to 320 articles.

The Pro plan, priced at $98 per month, is suitable for multi-site bloggers and provides 120 credits per month. The Basic plan, priced at $28 per month, is designed for solo and niche bloggers, offering 32 credits per month.

There is also a $1 Trial plan with 3 credits for users to explore the features.

Is Agility Writer Reliable And Good?

With its Advanced AI Detection feature turned on, you can create content that bypasses AI detection tools in most situations. Its ability to generate high-quality, SEO-optimized, and undetectable AI content makes it a valuable asset in the content creation process.

While there may be slight limitations in customization and pricing, the overall performance and features of Agility Writer position it as a trustworthy solution in the field of AI content generation.

Other Tools That Are Similar To Undetectable AI

Content At Scale

This is one of the first tools that came out on the market as an AI-assisted content writing solution. The company claims that the content generated through their tool is so human-like that it would bypass most AI content detectors.

But in reality, it is kind of hit or miss. You may have a hard time passing its content through AI detection tools like Originality.

Also, the biggest drawback of this tool is its cost. The pricing for Content at Scale starts at $250, which is super high compared to all other tools in the market.


QuillBot is a paraphrasing AI tool that helps you paraphrase your writing in a couple of different tones. It has different modes like formal, creative, simple, and others, which help you adjust the tone of your content according to your needs.

In the past, when AI-generated content was still new, using QuillBot to bypass AI content detectors used to work a bit. But now, it doesn’t work as effectively and is hit or miss.

The AI content detectors have developed their algorithms, making it harder to pass your text off as human just by rephrasing it through QuillBot. However, it is still worth a try. And the best part is that the tool comes at a very affordable price.

Surfer AI

Surfer AI is another AI tool that has recently created a lot of buzz in the SEO and blogging industry. Surfer SEO is a popular tool to optimize any article for SEO. This time, considering the demand for an AI product in the market, they have launched Surfer AI.

But remember, the cost of generating an article through the tool could be higher. Not only do you need to have an active Surfer SEO subscription, but you also need to pay for the tool separately. The cost for each article is around $29, and the lowest subscription cost for Surfer SEO is also $29.

Surfer AI has an Anti-AI detection feature. While creating an outline and the article through the tool, you can turn on the feature to ensure the generated output bypasses AI detection.

It is not a very popular tool to bypass AI detection at the moment because, for one, it is new, so not many tests have been done among people in the industry. Two, it is not a very affordable tool, so that is kind of a barrier.

But overall, it’s a good tool to try out, especially if you have the budget and want to explore the tool’s capabilities in creating content.


Last but not least, if you have advanced prompt engineering skills, you can create your own prompt to generate output that is suitable to bypass AI content detectors. By using specific and detailed prompts, ChatGPT can help you create, paraphrase, and generate human-like texts for different purposes.

Also, you can tweak and create your custom prompt to mimic any particular writing style of yours (that is human written), so that the generated text can easily dodge the AI content detectors.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for alternatives to Undetectable.AI, you have options like CogniBypass, TextGhost, Agility Writer, Content At Scale, QuillBot, Surfer AI, and even using ChatGPT with advanced prompt engineering.

CogniBypass effectively tweaks content to bypass AI systems, while TextGhost is a free tool for paraphrasing. Agility Writer offers customization options but is a paid tool.

These alternatives have their strengths and limitations in bypassing AI content detectors. Consider your specific needs and budget when choosing the right tool for you.

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