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The W.A.S. Challenge

What is the W.A.S. Challenge?

The W.A.S. Challenge is a Community driven initiative towards better transparency and better testing in the realm of A.I. Copywriting Tools!

We, as a group of A.I. enthusiasts, like to make our decisions based on data, not emotions or marketing! There are a LOT of A.I. writing tools on the market each promising what others can’t deliver. Each saying they are the best at what they do.


As consumers all we want is everything;))

We want our A.I. tools to be:

  1. SEO optimized (getting above average Surfer SEO / Neuronwriter Scores) even for the raw outputs
  2. Low Plagiarism (nobody wants to get a copy with 10-20%+ Plagiarism)
  3. High Readability (we want our outputs to flow and be highly readable)
  4. Original (this is ironic, I know, but outputs with 0-10% Originality are no go)
  5. Factually correct (why use an ai tool when you have to re-check every little number and fact?)

I have started this trend in YT evaluating and carefully testing over 300,000 words worth of outputs from the likes of,, Nichesss, WordHero, Scalenut, Article Forge and many many more.

Rules of the W.A.S. Challenge

Now it is your turn to chip in 😂

Step 1 – access the W.A.S. A.I. Copywriting Challenge Google Sheet

Step 2– download the file and populate it following the instruction given

Step 3 – send that back to me

Step 4 – enjoy the fame and fortune of a person who just made life of millions easier

Open invitation to A.I. Tools Developers

Dear A.I. Developers, if you value your customers (and I’m sure you do) feell free to partake in the challenge and get FREE exposure on a growing YT Channel of WordsAtScale!


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