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Best AI Humanizer Tools Rated: Best To Worst

Welcome to the Ultimate Showdown: AI Detection Tools vs. Word Spinners Extravaganza!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all AI enthusiasts out there, brace yourselves for an epic face-off that’s sure to spin your heads right round, right round! In the left corner, wearing the cloak of invisibility and armed with thesauruses, we have the stealthiest, the wittiest, and the most elusive wordsmiths in the digital realm. Get ready to meet our Spinners:

  • Stealth Writer: The ninja of the text world.
  • Wordtune: Strumming the strings of semantics.
  • Cognibypass: The Houdini of AI writing.
  • Undetectable AI: So sneaky, it’s practically a ghost.
  • Spinbot: The spinning top that never stops.
  • …and many more, including the likes of Rewriting Genius, StealthGPT, and Quillbot. Watch out for Word AI and HideMyAI, who might just leave the detectors in the dust!

But wait! In the right corner, with eyes sharper than an eagle and a nose for authenticity, we have the unyielding, the vigilant, and the ever-scrutinizing AI Detection Tools:

  • CopyLeaks: The detective with a digital magnifying glass.
  • ZeroGPT: Zero tolerance for AI mischief.
  • Originality: The oracle of originality.
  • Winston: The Winston Churchill of AI detection, never surrendering to the wiles of AI.
  • Turnitin: The old guard, standing tall in the face of AI trickery.

30 Essays were generated with GPT-3.5 that all scored 0% Human before the experiment.

They were then ‘humanized’ by the re-writing tools and checked with A.I. Detection Software

Who will emerge victorious in this digital duel of wits? Will the spinners out-spin the keen eye of the detectors, or will the detectors unmask the masquerade of the spinners? Stay tuned, place your bets, and let the battle of the bytes begin! 🤖 vs. 🕵️‍♂️

Spinner Name Mode Used CopyLeaks Originality Winston Turnitin Average Score↑

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