AI Detection Checklist ✅

Welcome to the Ultimate AI Detection Dodgeball Game! 🎉🤖

Stealth GPT


✅ You want a 99% chance of bypassing Originality and Turnitin at all costs


❌ Grammar, syntax, and style are important to you  

Undetectable ai

🚨 Most Versatile


✅ If you write & submit both articles and essays


❌ You need 100% guaranteed results and 50-60% human score is low for you

Stealth Writer

🚨 Best Readability


✅ Readability & keeping the original meaning is the highest priority


❌ You’d rather have a 100% result even if the quality suffers

Ever felt like you’re in a high-tech game of hide and seek with AI detection tools like Turnitin? Well, you’re not alone! That’s exactly why the brilliant minds at crafted the AI Detection Checklist. This isn’t just any checklist; it’s your secret playbook to outmaneuver AI detectors with the cunning of a digital ninja. 🥷💻

Created for the savvy students, the crafty content creators, and everyone who’s ever wanted to make their writing as unique as a unicorn in a field of horses, this checklist is your golden ticket. 🦄🎟️ It’s all about staying one step ahead in the ever-evolving world of AI detection, ensuring your work shines with originality and dodges those pesky plagiarism pitfalls.

So, whether you’re aiming to impress with an essay, captivate with a blog post, or simply outwit some silicon-brained scanners, this checklist is your go-to guide. Let’s dive in and discover how to trick the tech and keep your creativity flying high! 🚀📝

Follow this steps to pass A.I. Detection of Turnitin, Winston and Originality AI

Steps:Description:Additional Materials:
Choose a Unique TopicIf possible, choose a unique topic for your assignment. This reduces the chances of your work matching with something already in the Turnitin database.Prompt ChatGPT to give the most unique topic / angle
Manual WritingMake sure your assignments are written manually. This ensures that your work is original and not copied from any source.Aim at 20-30% of manual writing
Effective ParaphrasingLearn how to paraphrase effectively. This means changing the wording of a sentence without changing its meaning. This can help you avoid plagiarism.READ MORE
Special Prompting TechniquesUse special prompting techniques to generate unique content. This can include asking yourself questions about the topic or using writing prompts.READ MORE
Length of the EssayThe longer the essay, the more chances to pass AI detection. This is because longer essays have more unique content that can’t be found elsewhere.Aim at at least 1500 words
Readability LevelsThe easier your essay is to read, the better. This is because AI detectors often flag complex sentences as potential plagiarism.Aim at at least Grade 1o (Hemingway)
Use of Lists and TablesThe more lists and tables you use, the better. These can help break up your text and make it more unique.More lists & tables = lower A.I. Score
Text HumanizersUse text humanizers like These tools can make your text seem more human-like, which can help it pass AI detection.READ MORE
Use AI Tools with Built-In Anti DetectionTools like Agility have built-in AI anti-detection, which can help you bypass Turnitin.READ MORE
Use Proxy DetectorsTools like the Free Turnitin Score Estimator can give you an idea of how likely your work is to be flagged by Turnitin.READ MORE
A.I. Content Detection Checklist

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